Happy Hour

June Happy Hour and Musical Guests

June 28th, 2019

Keeping the good times rolling at Oak Park with a June happy hour and musical guests!

The tenants at Oak Park Senior Living spent the day in the Caribbean. In spirit, anyway. ? We celebrated our first picnic of the season with grilled hot dogs, burgers, and brats. In the afternoon, we had a steel drum player stop by to share some “sounds of the islands”. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful sounds this Caribbean drum makes. Several tenants got an up-close and personal look at the drums and how they work. What a great day in the “Caribbean”!

This week Monroe Wright III visited Oak Park to entertain us with his special brand of music. The tenants enjoyed singing and clapping along to some favorite tunes!

Tenants at Oak Park Senior Living welcomed summer with a happy hour toast. Later we enjoyed music with Wayne and the Boys. As always, Wayne had us singing, dancing, and clapping along to great music. Welcome, summer – we’re so happy you’re finally here!

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April Fools’ Day

April 2nd, 2016

At Oak Park Senior Living, we celebrated April Fools’ Day the way the French did back in the 16th century. People who were slow to get the news that the Julian calendar had switched to the Gregorian calendar became the butt of jokes.

The jokes included having paper fish stuck on their backs and being referred to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), said to symbolize a young, easily caught fish and a gullible person. During happy hour, we had lots of fun sneaking up on people and taping paper fish to their backs!

April Fools' Day, Oak Park Senior Living, Oak Park Heights, MN


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